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Eventos y cumpleaños en 14 febrero

Quedan 43 semanas para Navidad.

Eventos este día, 14 febrero

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is killed by a car bomb explosion in Beirut.

Jurors at the inquest into the death of Stephen Lawrence have decided the black teenager was unlawfully killed "in a completely unprovoked racist attack by five white youths".

Police confirm a body found on a railway embankment in Merseyside is that of missing toddler James Bulger.

Iranian Muslim leader Ayatollah Khomeini issues a death threat against British author Salman Rushdie and his publishers over the book Satanic Verses.

British figure skating couple Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean skate off with a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo after dancing to Ravel's Bolero.

Soviet authorities formally charge Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn with treason a day after forcing him to leave the USSR.

British and US bombers pound the ancient German city of Dresden with high explosives and incendiaries.

Cumpleaños este día, 14 febrero

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