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Evénements et anniversaires sur 17 avril

Il y a 27 semaines jusqu'à Noël.

Les événements de ce jour, 17 avril

An explosion in south London has injured at least 45 people.

John McCarthy is abducted on his way to the airport - three bodies, believed to be of British hostages, are also found.

A police officer has been killed after shots were fired from the Libyan People's Bureau in central London.

A 21-year-old woman, Bernadette Devlin, is voted in as Britain's youngest ever female MP and the country's third youngest ever.

Reports from Cuba say an invasion force has landed on the island to try to overthrow the country's leader, Fidel Castro.

A massive air and sea search for the HM Submarine Affray is under away after it went missing earlier today.

Anniversaires en ce jour, 17 avril

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