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Evénements et anniversaires sur 29 janvier

Il y a 36 semaines jusqu'à Noël.

Les événements de ce jour, 29 janvier

Solicitor Sally Clark is cleared by the Court of Appeal of murdering her two sons after serving more than three years of a life sentence.

French President Jacques Chirac says France will no longer test nuclear weapons after uproar over Pacific tests.

The president of the Phillippines has put down a rebellion against her government in Manila.

Oxford University snubs Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher by refusing her an honorary degree.

A series of bombs explode in the West End of London during the night - one person, believed to be a taxi driver, has been hurt.

Dense fog - the worst for seven years - brings road, rail and air transport in many parts of England and Wales to a virtual standstill.

Anniversaires en ce jour, 29 janvier

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