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Evénements et anniversaires sur 18 septembre

Il y a 22 semaines jusqu'à Noël.

Les événements de ce jour, 18 septembre

Survivors of the Southall and Ladbroke Grove rail crashes accuse Railtrack of putting costs before safety.

The United States and the USSR are to sign an agreement later this year to reduce the number of nuclear missiles.

The leaders of Israel and Egypt reach a settlement for the Middle East at Camp David in the US.

The first Ugandan refugees fleeing the persecution of the country's military dictatorship arrive in Britain.

Rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix dies after collapsing at a party in London.

The body of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold is identified among the wreckage of a plane which crashed last night outside the Northern Rhodesian town of Ndola.

Anniversaires en ce jour, 18 septembre

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