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Eventi e Compleanni in 15 febbraio

Mancano 31 settimane fino a Natale.

Eventi in questo giorno, 15 febbraio

The long-awaited report into the sale of arms-to-Iraq in the 1980s is published and contains strong criticisms of the ministers involved.

Soviet troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, nine years after they invaded the country.

Eight police officers are injured in the worst outbreak of violence yet outside the News International printing plant in Wapping, east London.

The British Government launches a new decimal currency across the country.

At least 73 people are killed when a Boeing 707 jet airliner crashes at Berg, near Brussels airport.

King George is buried at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle after a solemn procession through London.

British forces in Singapore surrender to the Japanese - seven days after enemy troops first stormed the island.

Compleanni in questo giorno, 15 febbraio

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