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Eventi e Compleanni in 1 ottobre

Mancano 22 settimane fino a Natale.

Eventi in questo giorno, 1 ottobre

At least 26 people die and more than 50 are injured as the Indonesian resort island of Bali is hit by bomb blasts.

Police close off areas of Liverpool and London tonight after outbreaks of violence and vandalism.

Muhammad Ali retains the world heavyweight boxing championship after defeating Joe Frazier in their third and arguably greatest fight.

Dozens are crushed in crowded Cairo streets as millions of Egyptians mourn the death of President Abdel Nasser.

Two people die and at least 75 are injured in rioting following the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi.

A vaccine against the strain of influenza currently sweeping around the world is made available to the British public.

Compleanni in questo giorno, 1 ottobre

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