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Evenementen en Verjaardagen op 25 april

Er zijn 26 weken tot Kerstmis.

Evenementen op deze dag, 25 april

Two teenage brothers are cleared of the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor.

The German magazine, Stern, publishes the first instalment of the controversial "Hitler Diaries", said to be written by the F?himself.

Britain re-establishes its presence in the Falkland Islands after a two-hour assault by Royal Marines on the remote island of South Georgia.

A top-secret attempt by the United States to free American hostages held in Iran collapses in failure, with the death of eight soldiers.

Army rebels are in control of Portugal after an almost bloodless dawn coup.

Two Cambridge University scientists make public their answer to one of the most fundamental questions of biology - how do living things reproduce themselves?

Verjaardagen op deze dag, 25 april

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