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Events and Birthdays on 18 April

There are 30 weeks until Christmas.

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Events on this day, 18 April

Seventeen Greek tourists and an Egyptian tour guide have been killed by gunmen in Cairo.

The ethnic violence in Rwandan capital Kigali is spreading throughout the country, aid officials say.

A retired US car worker has been found guilty of Nazi war crimes.

The US Senate has narrowly backed President Carter's controversial Panama Canal treaty.

At least 60,000 demonstrators gather in Trafalgar Square to mark the end of the Aldermaston to London "ban the bomb" march

The British Chancellor Harold Macmillan unveils plans for a new state saving scheme offering cash prizes instead of interest.

Eminent scientist Dr Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity, dies in hospital aged 76.

Birthdays on this day, 18 April

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