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Events and Birthdays on 1 May

There are 28 weeks until Christmas.

Events on this day, 1 May

Hundreds of anti-capitalist demonstrators fight running battles with police - the Cenotaph and statue of Winston Churchill are defaced with graffiti

The world-class Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna dies in a crash at the San Marino Grand Prix in Italy.

British planes attack two airstrips near the capital of the Falkland Islands in the war to rid the islands of Argentine forces

More than a million workers join a one-day strike in protest at the government's pay restraint policy and price rises.

Fidel Castro declares Cuba a socialist nation saying, "The revolution has no time for elections."

The German Fuhrer is killed in the Reich Chancery of Berlin fighting the Soviets, according to German radio.

Birthdays on this day, 1 May

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