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Events and Birthdays on 5 May

There are 28 weeks until Christmas.

Events on this day, 5 May

Labour under Tony Blair wins a third term but with a greatly reduced majority.

Britain's tourist industry hopes the bank holiday weekend and good weather will attract visitors to areas previously closed due to foot-and-mouth disease.

Hunger striker Bobby Sands dies in the Maze prison 66 days after first refusing to eat.

The siege of the Iranian embassy in London comes to a dramatic end after a raid by SAS commandos.

The first ever all-British satellite is successfully launched into orbit from the United States.

Commander Alan Shepard returns to Earth and is rescued from his Mercury 3 capsule in the Atlantic after becoming the first American in space.

World-famous American virologist Dr Jonas Salk witnesses a ceremonial polio vaccination in London.

Birthdays on this day, 5 May

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