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Events and Birthdays on 1 September

There are 36 weeks until Christmas.

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Events on this day, 1 September

The widow of Dr David Kelly tells the Hutton inquiry he ended his life feeling let down by his political masters.

The driver of the car in which Princess Diana was fatally injured had been drinking, French investigators reveal.

The United States accuses the USSR of shooting down a civilian airliner which is missing off Russia's eastern coast.

The first of 11,500 standpipes are connected in Yorkshire as local reservoirs reach their lowest levels in years.

King Idris of Libya is deposed after a group of officers take power and declare the country a republic.

Britain's first betting shops will be allowed to open for business from May 1961, the government announces.

German forces attack Poland across all frontiers and its planes bomb Polish cities, including the capital, Warsaw - Britain and France prepare to declare war.

Birthdays on this day, 1 September

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