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Events and Birthdays on 22 September

There are 39 weeks until Christmas.

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Events on this day, 22 September

The BBC's world affairs editor becomes the only television reporter to broadcast from Taleban-held Afghanistan as the country prepares for a US attack.

Serbian forces renew their assault against rebel fighters in Kosovo leading thousands of civilians to flee their homes.

A devastating explosion at an army barracks in Kent kills 11 people - 10 of them young soldiers.

Iraq bombs several Iranian air and military supply bases, including Tehran's international airport, at the start of what appears to be all-out war.

A day of IRA bombings across Northern Ireland places the ceasefire it declared seven months ago in serious doubt.

Britain's first independent television station is on air, bringing advertisements to the airwaves for the first time.

Birthdays on this day, 22 September

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