A Little About Us

Weeks until was started in 2009 as a simple way to answer the question ‘How Many Weeks’. 

It looked like this for a long time!


2009 Weeks Until

For the last few years the two of us have grown it as a super simple service to find the weeks (or days) until all major world events, bank holidays, festivals, religious holidays, and anything else we could think of.

In 2017 we have added a much requested ‘My Weeks Until’ – you’re own way of tracking dates important to you; many of you track the weeks until your holiday, retirement, someones birthday.  Its been amazing to watch this grow and we’re excited to continue building this but keeping simple.


Help keep us going...

Donate us a coffee to keep the updates coming.  Our only source of income to cover the server and development costs is the Google Adwords you may or may not see.  If you use an adblocker and like our site and service, please consider helping us out…