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Eventos y cumpleaños en 5 febrero

Quedan 31 semanas para Navidad.

Eventos este día, 5 febrero

Two British supermarket chains will be stocking genetically modified tomato puree from today - the first GM food to be sold in this country.

A mortar bomb explodes in the main market square in Sarajevo killing 68 and wounding 200 people.

Pioneering budget airliner Laker Airways collapses owing ?270 million to banks and other creditors.

The 19-year-old daughter of the millionaire American publisher, Randolph Hearst, is kidnapped from her home in California.

Another trawler from Hull sinks off the coast of Iceland, with all hands on board - the third in three weeks.

The rationing of confectionery ends after 10 years, with schoolchildren first in the queue for unlimited sweets and chocolate.

Cumpleaños este día, 5 febrero

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