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Events and Birthdays on 5 January

There are 47 weeks until Christmas.

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Events on this day, 5 January

The former GP Harold Shipman may have killed more than 300 of his patients, a report reveals.

A tanker carrying 85,000 tonnes of crude oil is aground in hurricane force winds off the Shetland Islands.

Thousands of Jewish refugees from Ethiopia are airlifted from Sudan to Israel in a secret operation.

A 35-year-old lorry driver from Bradford, suspected of carrying out 13 murders across West Yorkshire over the past five years, is appearing in court.

Ten Protestant men are shot dead as they return home from work in a mini-bus in Northern Ireland.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in the United States for an official visit, his first since re-election last October.

Birthdays on this day, 5 January

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